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How "DeMar All Natural" Came to Be

by Deborah Gibbs General Partner


While on a bus tour weekend, I had the good fortune to be seated next to Mary for several hours on the return trip home.  Almost immediately we seemed to click, both of us having a great deal in common. We both loved using all natural products and both of us had dabbled in making our own homemade skin lotions and creams.

We discussed the many benefits of using natural and nutrient rich super foods in our daily diet to help with our health related issues.  I asked Mary if she had ever tried Chaga, I had been using it for over a year drinking tea, making my own dual extract at home and told her of the benefits I had experienced with its' use. Mary had never heard of Chaga, but became very interested with trying it herself as I related the many attributes of this powerful and health giving mushroom, which included cardiovascular health, regulating blood pressure levels, sugar levels etc...


I offered to give Mary some of my ground Chaga to try, for making tea and gave her directions to my home to pick some up later that week. Mary came to pick up the Chaga I had offered her.  She ended up visiting for a couple of hours.  When she left, I told my husband that I really liked this woman, I felt some kind of connection with her, we had so much in common.  My husband replied, "You two ought to go into business together making all natural products".


That single remark kept playing over and over in my head. Mary struck me as being very honest, easy to talk to, someone real and down to earth, someone I could work alongside with. We both had very similar values. Some days later I called Mary and invited her to get together for coffee. When Mary and I got together for coffee, we talked for a few minutes about how much she really liked the Chaga tea and I broached the subject about starting a small business, "Look, this is going to sound really crazy and totally off the wall, since we barely know each other but I feel like we have some kind of connection, would you ever consider the possibility of starting a small business together with all natural products?" "Yes!", was her answer right away! " Mary also shared mutual feelings of the fast friendship we had struck.


One of the main reasons both of us were interested and experimented with naturally made products was the simple fact that all too often prescription medications with sometimes very severe side-effects, led to more medications being prescribed to counteract the harmful side-effects, in turn leading to more and more chemicals entering our body.  Treating symptoms rather than the underlying issue originally causing the symptoms seems to be prevalent and occurring more and more often in the age of medicine today.

 In our initial discussions, of what type of business we wanted to create, what products we would focus on, why we felt it important to make a certain product, the following core principles were an absolute must in determining our final decisions.


  1. Concentrate on Superior Quality of our products using the purest ingredients available and use time honored traditional methods of extraction and processing.
  2. Every product would have a Healthful Benefit
  3. All products would be Completely Natural, Chemical Free including no chemical preservatives
  4. We would create products based on our own personal experiences


A line of Chaga products was a given, which would include liquid and dry powdered extracts along with Chaga teas. Another product we wanted to develop was a balm to treat cold sores using pure essential oils.


 I had used a product over twenty years ago that contained Melissa Oil, long known to be effective for cold sores, that worked better than any over the counter product I had ever used.  Mary confided that her husband took prescription medication to control cold sores and had been taking it for some time.


With my background in aesthetics (I hold a Cosmetology License and Certification in Aesthetics, working in both these fields for almost 40 years.) and Mary's knowledge with experimentation of various oils spanning several years, we did a fair amount of research and developed a formula of our own.  We processed a small batch and asked people we knew, friends and family who experienced cold sores on a regular basis, to try it and answer a questionnaire about its performance.


 In a relatively short time the results started coming in, our product was performing even better than we had expected. Everyone who tried it, loved the product, including Mary's husband who is no longer taking the medication formally prescribed for his cold sores. The exceptional performance of our formula led to a registered nurse and a physician asking if we might consider trying our product on people who had shingles, chicken pox or genital herpes since all of these conditions were in the same family.


We took our basic formula and increased the potency, using the highest dilution rate possible on potent essential oils, with the opinion that these other conditions were much more severe than cold sores and would need a stronger formula in order to be effective on these conditions.  We offered our product, free of charge to local people suffering from shingles who willingly volunteered  to try our formula.  In exchange they would photograph one of their lesions every few days during the products use and answer a questionnaire we had prepared.


The first person diagnosed with shingles, who used our formula, wanted to talk to us personally with a telephone call three days in.  " I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for letting me try this product.  It was so painful, I don't know what I would have done without it," were the first words he spoke and a big, "Thank-you," followed. His first shingles lesion had appeared on his side and was daily spreading in two directions, across his stomach and his back. He reported that the burning stopped immediately on application and within 10 minutes he estimated 90% of his pain was gone.  He also stated that the spreading of new lesions, which was noticeably growing daily, had stopped after the first day of using our product. In exactly 2 weeks and 2 days his skin was completely healed over, all lesions were gone. Our formula really worked and performed beautifully!


A number of other shingle sufferers using our formula have related similar stories. We have not had anyone try our product on genital herpes or chicken pox to date, but believe it would also perform equally as well on these conditions. If you experience cold sores on a regular basis or are suffering from shingles, look for our DeMar All Natural “Complete Lip Care" or DeMar All Natural "Skin Salvation" in our Online Store. You will not be disappointed! Four new products to aid eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot and ringworm sufferers. will also be available in the upcoming months.


Both of us feel that fate put us together, two total strangers, one chance meeting. We entered into a contract making us partners and a new business, "DeMar All Natural" was born.  Now several months have passed and both of us are really thankful for the day we met.


After, what seemed like, endless paperwork, filings, permits and licensing we are finally ready to offer our truly fine quality products to the public.  DeMar All Natural is a small owner operated processor of top shelf Chaga products, using time-honored  traditional methods for our quality extractions  and Chaga tea offerings.  Our Skin Care line is made of single pure essential oils blended to create powerful aids  in  the skins' natural  ability to heal itself for many common skin ailments. We will continue to produce the highest quality possible, using only the best ingredients available. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer a risk free100% refund guarantee for any customer who is dissatisfied with any of our products. Simply return any unused portion for a full refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.


Although we are a new business, relatively small with limited production capacity, we both share old-fashion values and will always strive to consistently deliver fine premium quality teas, extracts and natural skincare, with every product we make.



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