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Dual Chaga Extract

Chaga Dual Extract made from 100% pure wild harvested Chaga from the north woods of Maine. Add a creamy, smooth vanilla like flavor to any beverage, hot or cold. Easily measured with included dropper.

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Chaga Powdered Extract

Chaga Powdered Extract is highly nutritious. Just sprinkle a small amount into your favorite yogurt, fruit smoothie , soup etc. Be Creative! See insert for more suggestions.

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Ground Chaga Tea

Whether you want to brew a single cup of Chaga Tea or make a gallon, we have you covered. Both sizes come with a free reusable drawstring bag that can do the job! Full brewing instructions are packed inside. Perfect grind to make your own extract!

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Chaga Tea Bags

Tea For Two tea bags serve up 2 cups and require a slower brew. Instant Tea Bags produce a rich cup in 5 minutes with the same slow brew taste without a 15-20 minute wait. Both taste delicious whichever choice you make.

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Chaga Deluxe Sampler

Our Deluxe Sampler includes Chaga Dual Extract 1 oz., Chaga Powdered Extract 1 oz., 6 Tea For Two tea bags, Ground Chaga 2 oz. Lets you decide which Chaga product is right for you! 30% OFF! You Save $15.00

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Complete Lip Care

Promotes rapid healing of all lip conditions. Helps restore lips to a natural healthy state. Fast acting with a powerful blend of pure essential oils.

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Skin Salvation V

Skin Salvation V has been specifically formulated to promote rapid healing of problematic viral skin irritations, Very fast acting! Contains highest 3% dilution rate of pure Melissa Oil, known worldwide for its healing powers.

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Deep Woods Bug Repellent

A special blend of eleven different essential oils keeps you protected from mosquitos, black flies, deer flies, moose flies, gnats, ticks and fleas while delivering a light clean fresh scent that is appealing to both men and women. Safe for children and pets. End of Season CLEARANCE! Stock up now for spring, while supplies last!


Gardener's Soap


The perfect compliment to our Deep Woods Bug Repellent. Enjoy the pleasant fresh smell all year long with this gentle  moisturizing bar that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft and keeps the bugs at bay when you need it too! On Sale Now! Price good thru 12/31/17 or our supply runs out!




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